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Current Builds

Current Build Projects

Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity is pleased to announce the following construction projects:

431 West Lane, Winchester

This address is our third Norris Village rehabilitation project and includes an addition to the two-story home.  The Blowe Family will purchase this home after the renovation is complete.

212 Baker St., Winchester

This is the first of two new homes to be constructed on Baker Street in Winchester.  The Roberts Family will purchase the home once construction is complete.  

216 Baker St., Winchester

The second new home being built on Baker Street will begin construction. This home has been generously sponsored by Jim Ross and Frank Beemer and will be purchased by the El Abani family once completed. This home is being constructed by Handley High School CTE Students.

263 Shenandoah St., Mt. Jackson

This home is a modular house constructed by Triplett Tech CTE students and has been placed on Shenandoah Street in Mt. Jackson. The home will be completed in the spring of 2020.

273 Shenandoah St., Mt. Jackson

Triplett Tech students are working to complete a "stick-built" home in Mt. Jackson as part of their CTE training. The Velasquez Family is hard at work acquiring sweat equity hours for this home already. 

Our Partners

  • United Way of NSV
    United Way of NSV
  • Wells Fargo
    Wells Fargo
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