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Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to helping low-income people realize their dreams of homeownership. See how we're making a difference.  Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity of  welcomes opportunities for interviews about Habitat’s work. Please contact the Media Relations team at for more information.



Take a look at the homes we completed in 2022.

No one has greater appreciation of the phrase “There’s no place like home for the holidays” than a person who hasn’t always known if they would have a home at Christmas.

Take, for example, Karen Burrough, a single woman raising four children in a rented home that her landlord is eager to sell. Or Jasmine Edwards, the mother of two boys who once was forced to live out of her car because she couldn’t afford a home. Or Liliya El Abani, an attorney who fled war-torn Libya with her family and had to start over from scratch in the United States.

Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity turned a corner Tuesday morning, positioning itself as an organization that can help meet Winchester's growing demand for affordable housing rather than one that only assists financially struggling homeowners on a case-by-case basis.

"This is truly an amazing, wonderful day, certainly a milestone for the organization," said the Winchester-based nonprofit's executive director, Kim Herbstritt.

SHENANDOAH COUNTY, Va. (WHSV) - Thursday was an exciting day for two families in Shenandoah County as they cut the ribbon on their brand new homes.

WINCHESTER — When Liliya El Abani’s husband died unexpectedly three years ago, she was left alone to raise three children and had no idea how she would make it.

Good fortune eventually led her to Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity, a Winchester-based nonprofit at 400 Battaile Drive that makes it possible for financially struggling individuals and families to buy a house with affordable mortgage payments in exchange for their help in building the structure.

WINCHESTER — This is a tale of serendipity.

It starts with a woman on Woodland Avenue who lives in a well-kept, two-story home that was built in 1932 that's in need of repairs. Unfortunately, she is on a fixed income and in failing health, so she can't see to the work herself.

WINCHESTER — For most of her adult life, Jasmine Edwards was caught in a financial spiral she could not escape.

She received decent tips as a restaurant server, but creditors only looked at her hourly wage of $2.13 on paycheck stubs and said she didn't earn enough to qualify for a home loan. That left her with no choice but to live with family or rent, but with monthly rental rates for small apartments, townhouses and single-family homes in the Winchester area averaging about $1,100 a month, the single mother couldn't save any money that she could one day put toward buying a house.

In April, Mr. McKenzie called Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity, which serves the areas of Winchester and Clarke, Shenandoah and Frederick counties. As part of its mission, Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity offers a home repair program in addition to its homebuilding program. In partnership with Habitat for Humanity International and Owens Corning, Blue Ridge Habitat was able to provide a new roof for Mr. McKenzie.

Mr. McKenzie is a U.S. Navy Veteran and said he was shocked when he learned he was picked for the Owen Corning Roof Deployment Program in partnership with Habitat for Humanity International and Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity

#HabitatVirginia has just released #BeyondTheHouse, an infographic that shows how Habitat's investments ripple across local economies. This #EconomicAnalysis is very thorough and shows exactly how Habitat's work contributes to local communities beyond the services we provide. If you would like to help support the ripple effect Blue Ridge Habitat for Humanity
has in our community, please text BRHFH to 44-321 today!

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